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I think that cameras (and maybe synthesizers) are the best "things" humans ever made. I had one in my hands since I can remember and throughout the years it's the thing that has almost always granted me a safe access to my subjects of interest and fascination. When graduating from film school in 1999, it was cinematography and moving image production that eventually became a profession. I moved to Berlin in 2001 and while making this new adventure city my home, I established myself as a freelance cameraman, working mainly in the advertisement and documentary.

Photography started to take a more central part of my creative work around 2008, mainly used as a very personal channel of expression. And even though I tried keeping it outside, or just on the edge of what we call "profession", it was 7 years after that I found myself living literally in my photo studio, while keeping my video work running alongside.

"Human in the center" has been and still is what it's mostly about. If there's one matter that I find most interesting in photographing people is the very sensitive zone of our often complex relationship with ourselves. It is present in portraiture work, but also in fashion. The camera's job may be to compensate on the big blind spot we all inherently have, of "who we are on the outside"; to help to tell our story, but also to celebrate the freedom and the many ways to tell it.



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