Based in Berlin, Shai Levy is a photographer who refined his craft in photography alongside his career as a filmmaker and cinematographer, following his graduation from the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem. His portfolio showcases a blend of personal and commissioned works, with a focus on portrait, fashion, and fine art photography. This diverse range of projects highlights his dual expertise in both still and moving images, allowing him to bring a unique perspective to his photographic endeavors.

Solo exhibitions:

2022 - "In Between Days"  Shai Levy Portrait Photography, 2019-2022 /  Vier & neunzig, Berlin

Group exhibitions:

2021 - "Local Diamonds" / Circle1, Berlin

2020 - "#1" / Circle1, Berlin​

2014 - "Portrait" / Kantien Aqua Carre, Berlin

2014 - "Restart" / Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 - "#12 Licht" / Kantine Aqua Carre, Berlin  

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+49 151 6710 5484 

IG: @shailevy


Video Portfolio:

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