"If I had to choose, I’d first be the street-corner, walk-in photo studio, and only then an artist.

When photographing people, my primary concern is bridging the inherent gap of self-perception. Everyone around you includes you in their world, but you, despite dominating your inner world as the sole experiencer, can never fully see yourself within it. This tension between the two spaces in which we constantly exist always fascinated me.

When I photograph someone, I see it as my role to help them navigate this gap with loving eyes."

Based in Berlin, Shai Levy is a photographer who refined his craft in photography alongside his career as a filmmaker and cinematographer, following his graduation from the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem. His portfolio showcases a blend of personal and commissioned works, with a focus on portrait / people, fashion and fine art photography. 

Solo exhibitions:

2022 - "In Between Days"  Shai Levy Portrait Photography, 2019-2022 /  Vier & neunzig, Berlin

Group exhibitions:

2021 - "Local Diamonds" / Circle1, Berlin

2020 - "#1" / Circle1, Berlin​

2014 - "Portrait" / Kantien Aqua Carre, Berlin

2014 - "Restart" / Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 - "#12 Licht" / Kantine Aqua Carre, Berlin  

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+49 151 6710 5484 

IG: @shailevy

FB: facebook.com/shailevy/

Video Portfolio: film.shai.ws

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